Promotional partners – your best friends when it comes to event promotion


For many years, we at From Sweden Productions have worked closely with sponsors and promotional partners to maximize the impact of our events. And we are not alone. In today’s economy, it’s becoming increasingly common to collaborate and form strategic alliances which are mutually beneficial for everyone.  By having a promotional partner, you’ll be able to reach people that are outside your current captive audience.  It will help you to build trust too, since people who trust your partner will inherently trust you (and this goes both ways, which is important to remember). It will also help you to sell tickets, up-sell other offers you might have (merchandise, workshops, courses etc) and build your database for the future. If it’s done correctly, it can also strengthen and position your brand as the no. 1 in your industry and open doors to powerful investors and major key influencers.

If you haven’t already, think about your own company/event and how you could bring promotional partners on board. A word of advice: don’t “sell” anything. Instead, clarify the benefit you are offering them when partnering up with you AND at the same time, make sure you see things from their perspective so that you can add value to them too – it has to go both ways.

9 examples of value you could offer them:

  • Brand association with your brand
  • Getting their key message in front of your audience through a solo ad
  • Use your product/service as a value add to their clients/staff/customers
  • An opportunity to increase their own database with people from your database (there are ways of doing this without spamming your own list)
  • Tickets to the show
  • Invitation to post-show VIP event
  • Behind the scenes pass
  • Advert in your show programme
  • Logo on your website/marketing materials

And in return they can help you:

  • Hand out flyers
  • Put up posters
  • Send out information/newsletters/box office info to their list
  • Include you in their marketing materials
  • Invite key people to your event
  • Give advice as to what they would like to hear on stage
  • Bring other partners (and potentially also sponsors on board)
  • Other: fill in blank _____________

Here are a few inspiring examples of successful co-branding partnerships (and why they’re so great):

A word of advice before you embark on any new collaboration…

You can’t build a successful relationship if you don’t know why you want to go into a partnership in the first place. The first stage therefore is to understand what the problem is that you want to solve and any benefit a potential partnership could bring to you, your company and your customers.

Don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you have any questions on the above. We are here to help!

Keep on Shining Brightly – On and Off Stage!

Sofie Haag

Founder and Managing Director, From Sweden Productions

DIY Promo Tip: How to maximise the impact of your press conference


Do you want to organise a press conference for your upcoming launch? Are you worried that not enough journalists will show up, but still want to make a big impact? Here are 5 tips to maximise the impact of your press conference:

1) Live stream

Take charge of the process by live streaming the event, and then broadcasting it on social media. There are several free apps you can use for this such as Periscope, Google Hangout, Facebook Live, XSplit Free, Bambuser, YouNow and Open Broadcaster Software to mention just a few.

2) Bring your own photographer and record the event on video

I also highly recommend you bring your own top quality photographer, as well as someone who can record the event on to a high quality video which you can use for future promotional purposes. This way you can mix and match highlights from the event into your marketing campaign. Make sure everyone stays behind afterwards for any additional photos you might want to take. The media love fresh images – and video – to go with the press materials.

If you have a photographer there, why not take the opportunity to update your own portfolio at the same time. Ask the photographer to do both landscape and portrait images, as well as full body and head shots. I am amazed at how many artists/creatives don’t have high res photos of themselves (especially not new ones).  You could even use this to create an additional income stream for yourself by offering the other people on the panel the opportunity to buy individual photos of themselves which can be used both for this campaign and future ones.

Inside tip: Have a think beforehand how you want to portray both yourself and the event you want the media to cover, and make sure your clothes, makeup and body language match that.

Inside tip: The video can be uploaded to YouTube to drive more traffic to your site (both in full from the event, but also behind-the-scenes interviews with participants, which can be uploaded later).

If there is a Q & A at the end, don’t forget to record it as well so you can incorporate it into the promotional campaign materials.

3) Ask people who are online to submit questions

Inside tip: Ask people on the live feed to ask questions too, so you can respond live.

Depending on how you marketed your press conference, you could also offer people a chance to ask questions beforehand which you can answer during the live event.

4) Invite people on the panel to be more actively involved in the promotion

Brief everybody on the panel afterwards on how you intend to use the result of the press conference and ask them to actively participate on social media by tweeting, posting, retweeting, and tagging each other for maximum viral reach. Make sure they’re aware of your code of conduct regarding how to behave online and in the press, what to say and what not to say, and what actions they need to take.

5) Post-press conference press kit, updated with the very latest info

Finally, immediately after the event, create your own updated press kit (prepare as much as possible beforehand) and include comments from the press conference, fresh pics, video links and other information to help the media feature it immediately, even if they weren’t able to come to the event in person. Also, create and add a hashtag for the event, so that attendees can connect with each other and you can follow what´s being said about it online.

Best of luck!

Keep on Shining Brightly – On and Off Stage!

Founder, From Sweden Productions

PS: Have we missed any new live streaming tools that you would like to recommend? Please share them in the comment section below!


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