Calling upon all #CreativeEntrepreneurs in the #PerformingArts as the Global Entrepreneurship Week Kicks Off


As I am writing this, I just noticed that the Global Entrepreneurship Week started all over the world and that I – had I not been researching entrepreneurship as part of an online programme I am working on – would have missed it.

This is a great initiative, even for arts entrepreneurs who have a career in the cultural and creative industries, so if you haven´t checked it out then I recommend that you do so. During this week, or even the whole month in many places such as Sweden for instance, you will get access to seminars, workshops, competitions, events and much more, all with the aim of supporting you as a business owner. Want to know how to do your own bookkeeping, charge VAT in the arts industry or run a business? Well, look no further – this is a great place to get started. Because, let´s face it, most of us didn’t start working in the arts to make money, but as it happens money is necessary to keep us afloat, survive and thrive. Having worked in the performing arts industry for almost 20 years now in various leadership roles, I know first hand of the struggles to raise funds to pay for activities and how hard it can be when you feel that you are under-valued and under-appreciated by potential clients. They often assume you will work for free or almost nothing at all, often offering exposure as a way of payment (this is a topic that deserves its own discussion, so I’ll get back to you on that one with some tips and advice on how to deal with it).

Now is a good time to ask yourself if you have made plans for the success of your own business. Do you feel that you are in control of your budget, monthly cash flow and upcoming promotions? Are you overwhelmed by administrative work when all you want to do is to focus on your artistic contribution to the world, but lack money and resources to outsource and delegate it? In that case I have good news for you. Now is the perfect time to finish off the year in style and lay out the plans for 2017 to start the new year strong. Nothing beats having a clear vision with goals and milestones mapped out.

If you are interested in a free webinar to give you some ideas on how to plan your year and upcoming projects ahead, then sign up by completing your details in the form below and let me know your number one question you have about running your own business, projects and launches in the performing arts.

I look forward to hearing from you, and in the meantime –

Have a magnificent day!

Keep on Shining Brightly – On and Off Stage!

Sofie Haag
Founder and Managing Director
From Sweden


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