March 22, 2016 Sofie Haag

DIY Promotion Tips!



Image: TalentCoach: Adée

Welcome and thank you for visiting this new blog, dedicated to empowering cultural professionals with their promotions and creative businesses.

This is a very exciting moment for me. For a long time I have wanted to create a DIY Promotion Platform sharing cutting edge strategies, tips and tricks that I have picked up along the way and that I know work (and don´t work!) to help people such as yourself successfully set up successful promotions for you and your creative business organisation and projects. I want to help you be at the forefront of new technology and at the same time be able to use them to your advantage in a genuine and authentic way.

The reason for this is that I truly believe that arts and culture are necessary for a healthy society. It brings people together from all backgrounds and connects us on an individual and collective level with something higher than ourselves. Very often in our industry there is a lot of talk about “lack”. Lack of money, lack of resources, often waiting for someone else to “discover us” etc. The good news however is that with the internet of things we are able to create our own media empires and control our own content, without the approval of anyone else. And this in turn means that it is easier than ever to attract large audiences and even start as entrepreneurs, where we are in charge of our own businesses from start to finish.

Does this resonate with you? Would it be of help to you if we on a weekly basis shared strategies and case studies to help you get noticed, build your fan-base and make it financially sustainable at the same time? All of this for free, no catch. Only with a deep desire to be of service to you to help you shine. Deal? If so, read on and comment below so that we know what problems and challenges in particular you are facing and how I and we at From Sweden Productions can be of help.

So, first of all – let me introduce who we are to give you a feel for what we do.

I founded From Sweden Productions in 2009 with the aim to promote Swedish Performing Arts, Media and Entertainment abroad and we have since produced and promoted several large-scale and high profile concerts, productions, festivals and events in London and internationally.

It has been a great journey so far. As part of this, we are currently working on several wonderful projects including promotion of Swedish Musical Star, Fred Johanson in relation to his West End production, Sunset Boulevard, with Glenn Close in April. Other clients include one of Europe’s leading classical music ensembles, Camerata Nordica ,and the exciting Kalmar-based music project, Talent-Coach, which is making a big noise with their artists including Swedish rising star, Adée, who performed at South by Southwest in Texas earlier this month.

What we have noticed over these past years, is that there are so many amazing artists and creative projects out there that deserve to get noticed but they just don’t know how. To be able to serve more people in our industry, we are therefore now opening up a free DIY Promotion blog section, to be able to share the latest strategies and tools with all of you, so that you can successfully promote yourself and your upcoming promotions.

We will also share with you our inside tips and tricks as a producer and promoter, which we use our-selves for ourselves and our clients.

So, whether you are a musician, singer, choir, ensemble, festival, producer, promoter or even an arts organisation, this blog is dedicated to you and your success!

Topics we will cover are branding, PR and marketing strategies, how to attract large audiences, online promotion, revenue making strategies and much more. Based on what you want to hear more of, we will also aim to answer your questions to empower you on your creative journey.

No. 1 in successful promotion of any business, production or personal brand is to be consistent and reliable. We are therefore committed to blog once a week from now on, on Tuesdays starting today.

I, Sofie, have a personal goal as well. One of my business mentors challenged me to scale things up and find a way of helping 80 people in my main niche, which is the cultural and creative industries. (So far we have been working with clients one to one.) Since I specialise in Arts and Business, this is something I am very passionate about. This blog is part of that quest, in a humble attempt to be of value to you, dear reader.

Stay tuned for next week, where I will be talking about the number one thing you MUST do before you start any project. Fail to do this, and you are our of business even before you got started.

In the meantime – have a great week ahead and please post comments below so that we know what topics you would want us to cover (please note, no spam or self promotion.)

Thank you.

To your success!

Sofie Haag
Founder, From Sweden Productions


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